If you are and educator, homeschool parent, or just looking for a new approach to education, I hope this page will inspire you to keep going, keep asking questions, and seeking answers. These links are provided for your information, Hazlip Creative doesn't endorse any of these products or organizations.
Links and resources for homeschool and education
Sacramento Area
Homeschool books, curriculum, activities, experiments, and enrichment classes

On-site classes, used books and curriculum.

On Line Resources
Great place to start if you're thinking about homeschooling and don't know where to begin. Textbook and curriculum reviews and information about learning styles.

Legal advice and information if you are filing independently.

Links and resources for different types of learning styles
Learn the strengths and how to focus on positive achievement for dyslexic students. 

The Barton System was developed by Susan Barton and is a structured Orton-Gillingham approach to developing phonemic awareness.

Strategies and information to help children with a number of attention and learning difficulties.

Help and information for children across the Autism Spectrum.

Resources and strategies for helping student's executive functions.

Links to Curriculum Sources
Full math curriculum up to Calculus that uses manipulative and visual aids to help students learn abstract concepts.

Christian faith-based homeschool curriculum highlighting God's role in creation.

Christian faith-based curriculum in all subjects and all grades through high school

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