If reading, writing, and arithmatic are the building blocks of a good education, then the arts are the mortar that holds them together. I believe that students can realize great benefits from exploring their creativity and developing problem solving skills through art, design, and aviation. 
I design my classes to spark the student's curiosity, and allow them to explore solutions on their own. This hands-on approach allows me to teach different grade levels and different learning styles more flexibly.
What I Provide
I teach homeschool enrichment classes at various locations throughout the greater Sacramento area. I use my experience as a photographer and graphic designer to bring real-world lessons and examples to my students. I write and design all my own curriculum, and I have created classes that use a unit study approach that incorporates as many other subjects as possible during the semester.

What I Teach
I provide courses in photography, graphic design, and an aviation discovery class. 
What are homeschool enrichment classes?
The term "homeschool" may include a variety of different types of education from self-paced take-home curriculum assigned by a traditional school, to families who file independently. Many homeschool families from all kinds of homeschool backgrounds often choose to enroll their children in extracurricular activities in order to enrich the child's education experience. These include art and science classes that may be outside the parent's area of expertise. 
What are my qualifications
I have a bachelor's degree in photography from CSU Sacramento, another bachelor's in graphic design also from CSU Sacramento, and I have completed a ground school course at Executive Flyers. I have worked as a professional photographer and graphic designer since 2001, completing various projects as an employee as well as freelance. My graphic design portfolio is available here, and you can view some of my photography here.

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